In the quickly evolving landscape of AI writing and content generation tools, Frase IO stands out as a comprehensive solution, seamlessly blending AI writing, content generation, and article optimisation. The burning question: Is it worth the investment? Join us as we dive into Frase IO’s capabilities and features.

Get Frase IO for £38 / month

AI writing assistants like Jasper have revolutionised content creation, allowing for quick production, while SEO content tools like Surfer SEO guide writers on crafting headlines and keywords for optimal search engine performance. Frase IO looks to bridge these worlds, promising a seamless integration of AI writing and SEO content optimisation.

What Is Frase IO?

Frase IO positions itself as a content writing assistant designed to save editorial time through topic research, content outline generation, and AI-driven content creation. The main question is whether it lives up to these promises and truly streamlines the content creation process.

How Does Frase IO Work? A Quick Tour

While Frase IO doesn’t offer a free trial, it provides a guided onboarding process upon subscription. The main dashboard presents different functionalities, with the ‘Documents’ feature standing out as a gem for understanding competing articles related to a target search query.

The ‘Research’ tab analyses the top 20 SERPs, offering a comprehensive content brief with headings, potential resources, statistics, news articles, and Wikipedia topics. This feature serves as a valuable resource for reverse engineering successful articles and assisting with the article structuring process.

Frase IO Features: Everything You Can Use

Frase IO may seem modest in its feature set, but beneath the surface lies a variety of tools enhancing user experience. The ‘Research’ tool, Frase’s most popular feature, proves to be invaluable for gathering insights into competitor strategies and finding resources quickly.

However, the content brief generated is based on existing SERP content, limiting its effectiveness for those aiming to produce truly original articles. The ‘Questions’ section, on the other hand, stands out by offering queries sourced not only from competitor articles but also from platforms like Quora, People Also Ask, and Reddit.

Whipping Up A Content Outline in Frase IO

Frase IO excels in helping users with content outline creation. By exploring competitor headings and seamlessly integrating them into your own outline, Frase provides an easy and structured approach to content development.

For those looking for a more automated approach, Frase can generate a content brief, providing a solid starting point that requires minimal editing.

Content Generation in Frase IO: Is It Any Good?

Frase’s AI writer introduces templates, catering to different blog components. While the output quality varies depending on the chosen template, the process of content generation is user-friendly.

However, the AI content generation performance falls slightly behind competitors like Jasper and Rytr, especially in niche topics. The pricing, starting at £35 a month and reaching £63.50 per month for full SEO features, places Frase IO at a higher cost compared to some competitors.

Content Optimisation: A Key Asset?

Frase IO’s content optimisation features, similar to Surfer’s content editor, offer keyword recommendations and content scoring. While the keyword recommendations differ slightly, the user experience is somewhat disrupted by the need to navigate to a new screen for detailed information.

Integrations: How to Add Frase IO to Your Tool Stack

Frase IO integrates with Google Docs, Google Search Console, and HubSpot CRM, providing seamless collaboration and enhanced keyword research capabilities. The upcoming WordPress integration promises extra convenience for users publishing articles on the platform.

Other Features And Perks

Frase distinguishes itself with features such as multi-language support, article deadlines, and status tracking. The inclusion of several templates, both built-in and community-created, adds versatility to content creation.

Frase Templates

Frase's templates cover diverse areas, including questions and answers, SEO content, and marketing copy. While the output quality varies, templates like AIDA for marketing copy and SEO templates for meta descriptions are beneficial.

Pros When Using Frase

Overall, Frase shines in competitor research, providing deep insights and creating content briefs for effective article structuring. The content outline generation feature is a standout, saving significant time for content creators. The tool's ability to answer questions based on research is very helpful, and its integrations, especially with Google Docs, enhance user workflow.

Cons When Using Frase

Frase's content creation falls short in comparison to some competitors, particularly in default template performance. The pricing, especially for the complete toolset, may be considered expensive when weighed against the competition. The content optimisation experience is slightly interrupted by the need to navigate to a separate screen for detailed keyword information.

Frase IO emerges as a strong tool for content research, organisation, and optimisation. Its unique features, such as the 'Questions' section and content outline generation, set it apart. While the AI content generation may not outshine some competitors, Frase IO proves to be a valuable asset for writers and marketers seeking a comprehensive solution.

In the ever-expanding world of AI writing tools, Frase IO holds its ground, offering a well-rounded package. Whether it's worth the investment depends on your specific needs, preferences, and budget considerations. Consider trying out Frase IO to experience its features firsthand and determine if it aligns with your content creation objectives.

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