With the AI mania continuing, there have already been some great AI campaigns from brands across the globe. Here are a few of our favourite AI campaigns we’ve seen so far, we expect there to be many more to come!

Heinz AI-Generated Image Campaign

AI-generated imagery has not had the best rep, however, there are significant improvements being made to the technology and its capabilities. One of the first big brands to capitalise on AI-generated imagery was Heinz. They created an entire campaign with the help of marketing agency Rethink Idea, as they discovered that when using prompts related to ketchup bottles that looked like Heinz bottles were created. They then utilised the tagline “It turns out that just like humans, AI prefers Heinz”. We love the creativity of this campaign and expect to see more brands joining in!

Coca-Cola’s AI Platform

Coca-Cola took their adoption of AI to the next level by creating an entire platform to encourage fans to create their own digital artwork using a range of branded assets including Coca-Cola’s bottle contours and logo. The campaign was named “Create Real Magic”, you can check out the campaign on YouTube and even check out the platform yourself. 

Sephora’s Interactive Quiz Powered by Chatbots

Every makeup enthusiast loves to fall down the rabbit hole of the Sephora website and spend endless hours browsing new products, shades and brands. However, if you are new to makeup or aren’t sure what shade is best for you it can become overwhelming. Enter Sephora’s interactive quiz powered by AI chatbots. The interactive quiz guides users through the shopping experience, providing tailored tips and advice based on answers or responses. It also integrates an AI-powered virtual colour match assistant and an AI makeup artist to provide tips! Head to Sephora to test it out for yourself.

Netflix’s AI Content Recommendations 

With millions of users across the globe it is no surprise that Netflix is utilising AI to personalise content recommendations and campaigns. The machine learning used by Netflix means users get recommendations that are tailored to the previous films and tv series they have enjoyed. Research suggests around 80% of show users watch on Netflix are now shows that have been recommended to them via AI personalised recommendations.

Starbucks and Voice Search Integration

Coffee lovers everywhere have embraced Starbucks AI integrations both in-app and in-store, so Starbucks decided to take it one step further. How many times a day do you ask Siri or Alexa to answer a question or add something to a shopping list? Now with the Starbucks app, you can even order your coffee through the “My Starbucks Barista” service. Getting your favourite caffeine fix just got even easier! 

Nutella’s AI packaging 

Whether you put on pancakes, toast or eat it straight from the jar, we know you love a bit of Nutella! A few years ago, Nutella’s marketing agency decided to embrace our love of this spread and create a range of AI-generated limited-edition jars of Nutella. Yes, you heard that right, 700 limited edition jars of Nutella were created using AI design. The designs are eye-catching and stand out from the competition, to learn more about this campaign watch the video

We’d love to hear what your favourite AI campaigns have been recently, share them with us on our socials and find out more about AI on our AI hub!