In just a few years, artificial intelligence (AI) has quickly revolutionised the digital world. Each time more and more industries have been adopting this kind of technology and the marketing field is no different. It’s actually quite the opposite. 

AI has impacted the way businesses interact, communicate and build relationships with their audiences. So, if you want to stay ahead of your competitors and ensure your business continues growing, then it’s essential to keep up-to-date with the latest AI trends. 

In this blog article, we will cover some AI-based technologies and tools that are already being implemented in marketing and that have the potential to continue transforming the industry. We will also explain how to leverage these tools to optimise your business’s performance. 

Predictive analytics

Predictive analytics reviews past data to make informed decisions in relation to marketing trends and scenarios. In this way, you can use this type of technology to make forecasts and either create or adjust your business strategy. 

Previous data collected from the voice of the customer (VoC) can be helpful for the development of long-term business models, execution of risk evaluations, expansion of market acquisitions and improvement of product designs. 

In marketing specifically, it may also come in handy when it comes to media planning and buying. Marketers can use predictive analysis to identify the campaigns that are performing well and the kinds of advertising that will bring in more sales in the future.

Chatbots and conversational AI

The use and design complexity of AI-powered chatbots will continue evolving. Thanks to their role as virtual assistants and agents, they’re currently able to provide personalised experiences to customers, organise customer requests and offer 24/7 customer service. 

It is expected that AI chatbot marketing will take personalisation to a whole different level, and it is no surprise considering what they’re already capable of. They send targeted messages in a much faster way, masking sure to reach your right audience and increasing your brand’s visibility in unimaginable ways. 

They can also increase engagement by interacting with your existing and potential customers, helping you with leads generation. The data collected will deliver valuable insights for predictive marketing. 

Sentiment analysis 

These algorithms analyse social listening data in real time and historically. By extracting data from surveys, reviews and messages they’re able to evaluate customer sentiment. They process large amounts of feedback data and measure sentiment from every aspect by assigning polarity scores between -1 and +1. 

Those scores are later added up for a final brand sentiment, determining the overall customer experience. This kind of analysis is highly insightful since it tells you what improvements to make to your digital marketing and brand management strategies. You can evaluate social media content, customers intent and so many other factors that will eventually foster your brand’s growth. 

Image recognition 

AI-powered image recognition eases the process of browsing through and classifying thousands of pictures to identify the best performing ones. Image recognition serves for numerous marketing purposes. 

Firstly, you can create more targeted ads based on the images viewed by a website visitor. The way this works is through a marketing software that classifies images themselves and scrutinises the elements in each image. This software uses such categories to build audience segments and later assign each user to one of them. 

Social media monitoring has been upgraded with the help of AI. This is because machine learning algorithms can be used to recognise brand logos in images. So, instead of carrying out text analysis alone, brands can monitor online conversations and identify cases where people reference their brand through imagery. 

Image recognition can also be used to give more accurate product recommendations based on objects identified in videos. E-commerce stores provide customers with product recommendations based on their previous shopping activity and now you can take your business  to the next level by promoting products based on the content viewed by potential customers in videos! AI has the ability to detect different (if not all) types of objects and then show related items from your online store to the client depending on what they just saw.

Voice search

An increasingly common way for people to search for information, products, and services is voice search technology, which is powered by AI. Voice search is quickly becoming a crucial component of digital marketing due to the popularity of smart speakers like the Amazon Echo, Google Home, and Apple HomePod as well as the widespread use of voice assistants on smartphones like Siri and Google Assistant. 

In addition to changing users’ search behaviour, voice search is also transforming the way they make purchases. Businesses now have a great chance to profit from voice-activated buying by making their e-commerce platforms, product descriptions, and shopping experiences voice search-friendly. Simultaneously, voice search presents the opportunity for advertisers to experiment with voice ads and create new engaging and more personalised experiences. 

Businesses must stay current with emerging trends and technologies as we enter the era of AI-driven marketing in order to remain profitable and competitive. By leveraging AI's capability, marketers may improve efficiency and conversion rates by gaining insightful data, personalising consumer interactions, and streamlining marketing procedures.

Learning about these trends can help us improve our marketing techniques and build enduring relationships with our target market. It is our responsibility to constantly adapt, innovate, and take use of artificial intelligence's enormous potential to advance our businesses in the always changing world of AI marketing.

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