Amazon Marketing Services

In 2014 the Amazon game changed with the introduction of Amazon Marketing Services (AMS). Here at greyZIP, we have partnered with AmaZoom – The Amazon Experts, who were lucky enough to be invited to the Beta Tests of this pilot program, therefore being involved from the very beginning.

What is Amazon AMS?

Amazon Marketing Services (AMS) is a paid digital advertising platform which helps sellers and vendors promote products within Amazon itself. The ads available via AMS link to internal pages within Amazon’s portals and appear when users search for specific products. AMS are suitable for:

– Targeting shoppers based on specific search terms
– Generating clicks for products on Amazon
– Reaching buyers with a high purchase intent at the last stage of the sales process

What Ad Formats Are Available On AMS?

Sponsored Product ads –
Sponsored Product ads advertise individual products at the top of Amazon’s product search results. Targeted by keyword, and paid for on a cost per click basis these ads drive traffic directly to a product listing page.

Headline Search ads –
Headline Search ads appear above Amazon’s search results displaying three products or more. Targeting by keyword as per sponsored product ads, clicks drive to a dedicated Amazon landing page, or direct to product listing pages.

Product Display ads –
Product Display ads, target users based on their product interest, rather than specific product keywords. Available to Amazon vendors, product display ads are placed on product listing pages, against review content, and on thank you pages. Featuring a single product, and with a clear call to action, these ads drive users to the product listing page for purchase.

Why Choose greyZIP, In Partnership With AmaZoom – The Amazon Experts?

Amazon Marketing Services provides Amazon vendors and sellers with a unique opportunity to take advantage of Amazon shoppers high purchase intent, and their explicit interest in specific product categories, making it an ideal environment for promoting products.

Whilst the creation of a simple campaign is relatively straight forward, the process does require in depth knowledge to get the best results and maximise your return on investment. Essentially this is a Pay per Click system (PPC) and over the years  we have uncovered a number of tips and tricks to help you defend your position from the competition or target them hard to grab market share. This is a “Must Have” initiative to help grow your Amazon Sales and there are not just a number of campaigns that can be run, but on a multitude of strategy’s. At greyZIP, we are partnered with  AmaZoom – The Amazon Experts, and we take the guess work out of the campaigns and ensure that you are getting maximum ROI, not just by translating the data provided, but also scaling campaigns to grow your brand as well as sales.

Why Do I Need AMS?

If you are a retail vendor, AMS allows your products to be displayed alongside those of competing brands at the point where consumers are about to convert. Using AMS to advertise your online retail business enables you to gain more exposure and online gravitas. This can significantly boost your brand’s visibility.

This means increased brand awareness, more eyes on your product, improved sales, and ultimately – more revenue. This is great news if you’re selling directly from your own e-commerce site, and even better if you’re on Amazon.

If your product is being sold on Amazon and you’re not on the site or using AMS, it’s going to be a lot harder to generate sales. This is because you’ll be competing against Amazon sellers who benefit from both Amazon’s dominance in the online retail sector and the amazing benefits of AMS. Many consumers who search for specific products on Amazon already have Amazon accounts. This makes it very unlikely that they will leave the platform to purchase the products on your vendor site. The only chance you may have is offering a huge discount. To get higher conversion rates, you should be on Amazon and advertise your brand and products using AMS.

Why Choose AMS over AdWords?

Compared to other marketing channels such as Google Shopping and Adwords, Amazon Marketing Services is relatively new. As such, there isn’t much competition. That means that bid and ad costs are quite low and much cheaper than Google Shopping or Adwords. Google Shopping only lets you bid on products, and the algorithm organises search term results in your feed. AMS allows you to also bid against selected search terms and keywords instead of letting the algorithm decide for you. With lower bid and ad costs than other channels, and better optimisation of ad results, AMS is more efficient.

Just remember, if you’re not doing it, you can bet your competition is! So get in touch today for more information!


Specialist SEO Services

If your site isn’t ranking as high as you’d like, greyZIPs SEO team can help. We provide SEO services for clients in all types of business sectors locally in Essex, throughout the UK, and all around the world. We use our expert skills and the most innovative SEO tools available to create a bespoke recipe that helps you deliver your goals and become the business you want to be.

3 Steps To Success

We have a 3 step formula to improve your ranking online…

1. Review – Before we do anything with your site, we need to carry out a comprehensive check so we can tailor an action plan to suit your site’s needs. We will look at your structure, keywords, competitors etc.

2. Content – Using the audit, we will develop an on-page SEO plan by providing genuine value to your customers with quality content and search relevancy.

3. Technical – We will make sure your site is fully optimised with razor-sharp precision so you can rank highly in search engines.