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Citation Building

Citation Building

Citations are an essential part of Local SEO

At greyzip, we provide all of our clients with a bespoke service to help strengthen their local SEO through the use of citations. If you’ve never come across this term before, then you should know that citations are the crucial building blocks to any local SEO campaign due to the direct influence they have in local rankings. Building an extensive range of citations is what we are great at, reaching out and registering you with all the most trusted directories in your area.

Citation Building

Free Citation Audit

All of our services come with a free citation audit so that we can identify the strengths and weaknesses of your current list of citations, what citations already exist and how we can improve on them. This information is gathered and meticulously revised to help form a comprehensive citation strategy for your business. Upon completion, you will receive a detailed report that includes links to all your new citations with full login details to each directory.

Once we have dissected your existing list we then research and begin implementation of different types of citations to make your business more optimisable for local SEO. These consist of generic, geo-specific and niche-specific citations from high Domain Authority directories. Having a dynamic range of citations provides you with the fundamental foundations to achieving local SEO since each different type of citation provides Google with unique information about your business.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What criteria do you use to decide which local directories my business listing should appear in?2022-01-19T17:36:15+00:00
Local directories are chosen based on a set of criteria:
-Is there a lot of traffic in this directory that can be directed to our client’s website once it goes live?
-How long do you think it will take for the links to go live?
-What is the domain authority of this website? How well will it show up in Google searches?
-Is the local directory DA, Niche Specific, and Geo Targeted?
-How do you choose from the plethora of directories you may have discovered?
Our employees are able to select the best directories for your business based on their level of understanding and proficiency. They can also choose directories with a high level of congeniality among the locals in a given area. This will draw people from the neighbourhood where your business is located.   This gives your company a competitive advantage over its competitors by allowing it to only be listed on the most popular and relevant local directories.
Is it possible for me to confirm the listings?2022-01-19T17:35:44+00:00
Although most local directories do not require it, a few high-profile directories (such as will call to verify the accuracy of the information provided.
What kind of information do you give to directories?2022-01-19T17:34:23+00:00
For most local directories, the following info is required:
-Your business’ website URL
-Keywords related to the business
-A short description of your business
-Name of the business
-Name of the business owner
-Address of the business
-Phone and/or fax numbers
-The business’ founding date
-The amount of people employed by the company
-The working hours
-A link to any video about the company or any promotional videos
-Any social media links, such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and more.
-The logo of a company or brand.
-Any images related to your company or brand
Please provide us with all available information about your business. You can also give us a list of local directories where you’d like to see your company listed.
What happens now that my website is listed in a local directory?2022-01-19T17:33:36+00:00
We must first check to see if the given listing is already there before making any submissions. If it is present, we look for any discrepancies between the information displayed on the directory and the information you have provided to us. If everything appears to be in order, we move on to another high-PR directory for submissions. Also, we keep our word and will always provide our customers with new submissions.
What if you come across my listing in a directory?2022-01-19T17:33:20+00:00
Before submitting to a directory, we always check to see if you already have a listing. We will skip a listing if the core information is correct and submit you to a different (‘Replacement’) directory if we find one. This ensures that you receive the submissions you paid for.
What is a Citation audit?2021-05-24T11:58:47+00:00

The more directories and aggregators that have the correct business information the better. That way the business will be listed in more places online, and make it easier for people to find it. To see how a business is doing, conducting a citation audit is the best course of action.

Citation listings with incorrect information may be damaging to your local rankings. The more accurate they are the better.

As an example, you might have a contact number listed on one website and a different contact number on another. This is bad for your business. It’s confusing for potential clients and they will not know which of the two are correct contact details. Not forgetting that it may also confuse Google.

What is a Local citation?2021-05-25T10:06:22+00:00

A local citation is any online mention of the name, address, and phone number of a local business. Citations can occur on local business directories, on websites and apps, and on social platforms.

Citations help Internet users to discover local businesses and can also impact local search engine rankings. Specifically, having the right basic citations can help you rank accurately on Google Maps. Local businesses can actively manage many citations to ensure data accuracy.

Why are Citations important?2021-05-24T11:29:50+00:00

Citations are considered a ranking factor for local SEO. Having your business listed in trusted online directories sends signals to Google to improves their degree of certainty that your business exists.

The quantity of listings, the accuracy of your listings, and the quality of the online directories can affect how Google perceives your online presence.

This is why it’s important to pick your citations wisely.

Are there different types of Citations?2021-05-24T11:27:25+00:00

There are several different types of citation websites out there and many SEOs argue about which are more valuable than others.

However, for local SEO, the SEO community generally agrees that the following Citations are “must-haves.”

  • Google My Business
  • Bing Maps
  • Facebook
  • Yelp

There are hundreds of potential websites to list a business online, but not all of them may be relevant for your business. That’s why citation categories exist.

There are many types of citations for many different types of businesses. Attorneys, healthcare, real estate, you name it; a category of exists.

While some citations have a higher domain authority than other, the category relevancy is more important than the domain authority. That’s why getting listed in these industry categories is critical.

What is Citation building for SEO?2021-05-25T10:10:42+00:00

Citation building is the act of sending out consistent, accurate and relevant information about your business to listing directories so that search engines and consumers know when, how and where to find your local business.

You can also think of citation building as similar to link building.

Citation Building

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