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Content Creation

We believe, as do many SEO experts and marketeers, that ‘content is king’! Our team can support you with all your content creation needs whether you need new content creation for your site or if your current content needs a little refresh. From blogs to social media content creation to newsletters and press releases, writing compelling copy is a great way to engage your audience.

At greyzip, we like to work collaboratively with our clients to write the best copy we can. Whether you’d like a quick call to discuss the areas you’d like to focus on or if you’d rather send us an email with some notes, we are happy to work whichever way works best for you.

Blog writing

An active blog can play a key role in your digital content creation strategy and provide a great way to showcase your expertise. We will work with you to create a list of blog titles that cover all aspects of your business and that are both engaging and informative for your audience. As a digital agency we will work with our technical team to ensure your blog copy is search engine optimised making you visible to a wider audience.

Website content

We have lots of experience of writing website copy for a wide range of businesses in both B2B and B2C markets. We will need some background information from you in terms of your business offering and what content you would like to be on your website, then we can take care of the rest. Whether you need service page copy to be written or would like to create a portfolio of previous work, we can help.

LinkedIn Articles

As a business owner it is important that you have a good online presence and are active on LinkedIn. A great way to showcase your expertise and build your business’s thought leadership is to post articles on your personal LinkedIn page. Our team of copywriters will ensure that the articles written are engaging, informative and relevant to your audience. We will also liaise with the rest of our team to make sure topics and themes are aligned with any other digital marketing activity.

We have experience across a range of industries and mediums, please contact us if you’d like to find out more about our content creation services.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you write feature articles?2021-05-25T09:56:43+00:00

Our PR team can write engaging articles for a wide range of audience and publications. We can also use our media tools to find relevant forward feature opportunities.

Do you write SEO copy?2021-05-25T09:55:56+00:00

Yes, our team of copywriters work closely with our SEO experts to ensure all the content we produce for your website is SEO optimised.

Will you be able to write the copy for my website pages?2021-05-25T11:36:49+00:00

Of course we can! We will need you to provide us with some basic background information on your product or services and we can take care of the rest. Our copywriters will liaise with our SEO team to ensure your website’s copy contains the relevant keywords you will be ranking for.

Can you write articles for me to use on LinkedIn?2021-05-25T11:37:30+00:00

Yes, we are all about online presence here at greyzip and a strong LinkedIn profile as a business owner or director is key. We can create content specifically for your LinkedIn page aligned with the content on your website that will engage your audience.

Can you write blogs for my website?2021-05-25T11:38:33+00:00

Yes, our copywriters can create engaging, informative and SEO optimised blogs for your website. We will work with you to ensure all the blogs we write are relevant to your audience and will help inform the reader.

All of the content we write will be tailored to your brand’s tone of voice. Our team will write in a natural style to keep Google happy whilst ensuring there is still a strong keyword density. Get in touch with us or head to our content creation page for more information

Content Creation

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