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Google AdWords

Google Adwords also known as Pay Per Click (PPC)

Google Adwords has changed considerably since Google first introduced PPC. There are now so many different options when it comes to your ad creative from retargeting to video ads, there really is something for every business!

Just like SEO Google constantly updates its PPC algorithms and technology. It can be a bit of a minefield if you aren’t used to the Google way. At greyzip, we will use data driven strategies and our years of experience to get you the best results possible.

What process do you use for PPC/Google AdWords?

Objectives and audit

Before we even get started, our team will sit down with you to discuss your business objectives. We will then complete an audit of any past campaigns and come up with a set of data of what works and what doesn’t. 

Competitor analysis

As with any marketing activity, it is important to understand and analyse what your competitors are doing. We will use a variety of tools to break down your competitor’s campaigns, this allows us to learn from their mistakes and utilise the areas of their campaigns that work well. Competitor analysis also provides us with a benchmark if you are completely new to the world of PPC.

Targeting the right audience

For a campaign to be successful, you need to be targeting the right people. We will take time to analyse your analytics and social media to create the best audience to target your campaigns too. This insight can also provide direction for strategy and ad creative.


After completing the steps above, we will put together your PPC strategy. This will include the audiences we are going to target as well as the keywords and traffic sources. Our team will go through the strategy with you, if you would like to discuss it in more detail.

Creative and campaign building

A successful campaign needs to have an engaging creative with compelling copy. It is important to include a strong call to action and ensure that campaigns are highly relevant to your audience to make the most of your ad budget.

Tracking and goals

We will closely monitor your campaign’s and track each one to ensure they are successful. We will also use the data collected to improve future campaigns. Our team will also regularly review your ad budget and make recommendations, to ensure you get the best results. Transparency is important to us, so we will share all data with you or just provide a monthly summary, whichever option works best for you.

If you would like to find out more about how greyzip can utilise PPC for your business, please contact our team.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do Google AdWord campaigns need monthly management?2021-05-24T12:47:15+00:00

Your campaigns need to be managed and optimised regularly to make them work better over time, and allow you to expand on them.

This involves creating new ad groups and keywords, pausing ads or keywords that aren’t working, making suggestions about new campaigns, checking if the budget is adequate and making suggestions around where to increase it, ensuring your ads aren’t being shown for irrelevant keywords and lots more.

The advertising space isn’t static. There’s millions of calculations performed in a real time auction every time an ad is displayed. Optimising it means your campaigns will continue to improve and expand. Even if nothing was touched, and other advertisers started new campaigns, your results could be very different on a week to week or month to month basis.

What’s involved in a Google AdWords campaign?2021-05-24T12:46:09+00:00

Setting up an AdWords campaign is quite complicated if you are doing it well, and involves a good knowledge of the platform. It’s not just clicking a few buttons. Setting up a new campaign involves the following, and more :

  • Understanding your advertising objectives
  • Understanding your products and profitability of them
  • Deciding which campaign types are most appropriate
  • Keyword research
  • Creating the correct campaign structure to drive down costs
  • Your campaign ideas may result in several AdWords campaigns being created to be more effective
  • Creating many ‘ad extensions’ to make your adverts more compelling
  • Writing copy for many different adverts
    (It’s not uncommon for a ‘simple’ campaign to have 100’s of ad variations if done well)
  • Creating or providing input to several different banner adverts (if using display)
  • Setting up conversion tracking within Google Analytics
    (this can be simple, but can also be very time consuming)
  • Minor modifications to your website to allow conversion tracking

…and lots more.

This takes a lot of time, but ultimately it means your money will go further, and you’ll get better returns. Competently set up campaigns will definitely save you money, and potentially lots of it.

What is the difference between SEO and Google AdWords?2021-05-24T12:44:39+00:00

SEO is a longer term game and involves the correct set up of your website and online presence, ultimately to bring you more organic search and referral traffic. You don’t pay for this traffic, but you’ll pay with time and money getting it right.

SEO should always be an important element of your digital marketing mix, and it’s often overlooked and underestimated by both business and web developers.

Google AdWords is a fast way of bringing in targeted traffic to your website. It is fast to set up, and a far faster way to generate the traffic than SEO (generally). Both are ongoing investments, but you’ll only pay for AdWords clicks when people are interested in your product

Is Google AdWords only sear adverts?2021-05-24T12:43:27+00:00

No. Google AdWords is an advertising platform giving you a vast network of advertising locations and campaign types ranging from Search ads (the most commonly referred to), Display ads (banners you see on websites), Remarketing to different people who have been on your website, YouTube (banners and video), and Gmail ads.

As well as this there are many different ad formsats from text display ads, through to static banners, animated banners, videos and light-boxes.

What is Google AdWords?2021-05-24T12:41:47+00:00

Google AdWords is arguably the most targeted form of advertising you can do. It’s the most targeted form of advertising as people searching on Google search are telling you exactly what they are looking for, and your ad can show up alongside those searches.

As well as this, it is also pretty much the most trackable form of advertising you can do (if you set up conversion tracking on your website).

If you compare this to radio and print as an example, it is very hard to know how well they are working. If your store gets busier after running a radio or print ad, then you can assume it’s working, but can you work out cost per lead, and target the ad at different times and know which is best? What if you did print and radio at the same time? It’s next to impossible to know how well that worked.

Google AdWords

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