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Market Analysis

The main goal of Market and Competitor Analysis is to make sure that your website is search engine friendly and performing Vs your competitors. Market and Competitor Analysis can identify any problems that may be affecting how far your website is climbing up the ranking ladder. Identifying any problems can help make your site easier for search engines to understand and to identify what others are doing and how they are doing it.

If you are wondering why you should consider Market and Competitor Analysis, here are a few reasons why you should:

We incorporate a full SEO Review on your website which includes the following:

  • Flagging of any content gaps or duplicated content on your pages
  • Identify any broken links or other critical errors
  • Highlight any issues with site speed or crawlability
  • Provide you with new keyword opportunities to improve your website’s search engine result page (SERPS) ranking.

Our in-depth Market and Competitor Analysis will give you detailed insight into your performance as well as your competitors.

The following areas will be covered:

  • Organic Search Maturity – how well is your site doing right now?
  • Risks and opportunities – what can you do to improve?
  • Share of organic keywords – what percentage or number of organic keywords do you rank for?
  • Competitor analysis – how are your competitors performing?
  • Web engagement metrics – How many visitors do you get on your site and how long do they stay for?
  • Backlink audit – what other sites or pages does your website link to?
  • Recommend focus areas – how can we help?

Search engines constantly change their algorithms so a strategy that would have had a site ranking highly a couple of years ago, may actually now be detrimental to site health and domain authority.

Once we have completed the Market and Competitor Analysis, it can be delivered as an easy to read document, technical document for your in-house IT team or our Digital Marketing team can set up a meeting to talk you through the results.

After you’ve received your Market and Competitor Analysis and digested it, you may decide you would like some help with carrying out our recommendations. We will work with you to create an action plan of how to get your website climbing search engine rankings. For more information on our Digital Marketing services, check out our other services page.

Frequently Asked Questions

How will you determine who our competitors are?2021-05-25T10:17:57+00:00

We will first want to see what you provide in terms of company names as direct competition. Our next step will be potential directions to take your business in terms of SEO strategies. By using particular search terms and keywords, we can get an understanding of who it is we need to beat or directly compete with to get you ranking on search engines.

Your competition isn’t always the big brand names that rank top on Google, and because of this, potential competition can be hidden in plain sight and you’re none the wiser. As with insight gained from larger brands, smaller competition can also be a threat or crucial key to success

Why do greyzip and yourselves need to provide competitors?2021-05-25T10:18:35+00:00

As a member of your own business and sector, you will know your field of work and industry, and you will already have an understanding of who your competition is. This will usually boil down to your own personal research on who they are and what they do or provide. This is crucial for greyzip to know because we may measure or identify your competition differently. 

For us, we look at your competitors in search engines to see who would be attainable in terms of search engine rankings, and its always good to see who are doing what and how well they are doing it.

Having a clear understanding of who you believe is direct competition will help us when researching and implementing a strategy that personally works for you. 

Why does this research need to be carried out periodically?2021-05-25T10:19:26+00:00

Well, the answer to this is quite simple. Evolution.
With the market ever changing and evolving, whatever market or industry that may be, companies must learn to adapt and change with it.

If your business is only just starting out, then your competition will most likely be ranking higher than yours in search engines, have more content, be exploring niche keywords etc. It’s because of this that companies must stay on top of crucial changes within the market that could impact your business both negatively and positively

Why is market and competitor analysis important?2021-05-25T10:21:33+00:00

Market and competitor analysis can be one of the greatest exercises to conduct when developing your website. The benefits, insight and direction we obtain could drastically effect how your business and website operates.

By observing the larger market and those who are at the top, you can get a feel for what works and what to aim for. Understanding your competition and how they’ve achieved their success provides you with the opportunity to level the playing field and identify opportunities to exceed the competition.

Market And Competitor Analysis

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