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Paid Social

Utilising social media to advertise your business is a great cost-effective way to reach your audience. Each of the social media platforms offer something different in terms of advertising and during our initial consultations we will discuss the audience you are targeting and what your advertising goals are.

A major benefit of paid social media is that you can achieve great results with a relatively small budget. This makes it a great option for businesses of all sizes, particularly small businesses or start-ups who may not have the luxury of a big advertising budget like bigger brands. We will discuss our recommended budget with you and can always adjust spend as we move forward.

Facebook Advertising

Facebook is a fantastic advertising tool providing optimisation goals for brand awareness, the consideration set and conversation. Detailed targeting means your ads will be shown to those they are most relevant to with the ability to target by a range of factors including age, gender, location, job title and interests.

LinkedIn Advertising

LinkedIn is a great place to advertise if you are targeting a professional audience. LinkedIn advertising allows targeting by job title, seniority, industry and much more. It is also a great place to advertise for recruitment as many professionals use the platform as a job finding tool.

Instagram Advertising

Advertising on Instagram is the best option if your product is heavily visual. Instagram is all about image so if you have high quality pictures and videos, this is the place for you. You can advertise on Instagram by promoting posts or creating specific advertorial content. Instagram offers a range of targeting options like age, gender and interest.

Here at greyzip we will tailor a social advertising plan specific to your business’s requirements and budget to drive awareness, engagement and website traffic. Three things that in time will lead to increased conversions and leads. To discuss how paid social media could benefit your business, please contact us.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does LinkedIn advertising charge and can I control it?2021-05-24T13:13:50+00:00

You need to submit your credit card details before starting with LinkedIn ads. LinkedIn will then charge you periodically with that credit card. The frequency depends on the daily budget and your total ad spending.

You can control your ad expenditure by setting a daily budget and selecting preferred bidding option. Daily budget will limit your spending per day. You also can limit your cost per click (CPC) or 1k impression (CPM) by setting a maximum bid per action. You will also have the ability to pause your ads any time you want.

Which LinkedIn ad type should I use?2021-05-25T11:50:24+00:00

Each ad type as different advantages and best use cases.

Sponsored content is ideal if you want to get plenty of eyes on your content, like blog posts or business announcements, driving engagement. It’s also helpful if you want to get more followers for your on-site Company Page.

The format of the actual Ad lets you share valuable information that can help you with lead generation and nurturing, in addition to brand awareness.


Text ads are most effective if you want to boost reach. They can be helpful at driving conversions and they’ll always be most effective when you use highly targeted campaigns.

A great example would be an MS program advertising to potential students. You can also run text ads even if you don’t have a Company Page.


Sponsored Inmail feels highly personalised because you’re delivering content right to a users’ inbox; their interest is automatically piqued, and they get a notification of a message.

You can add a CTA button to the messages, allowing you to drive conversions effectively, whether you’re trying to get downloads of your ebook or registrations for your next event.

The other great perk of Sponsored Inmail ads is that they’re only delivered to users who are actually active on LinkedIn. That being said, you really want to niche down on your campaigns here so that they’re truly hyper-targeted; otherwise, you’ll likely struggle to get results.

Who should use LinkedIn advertisement?2021-05-25T10:04:23+00:00

LinkedIn is a professional platform, making it different than all the other platforms we discuss on this site. People predominantly use this site to:

  • Look for jobs
  • Look for and maybe recruit potential new hires or freelancers
  • Connect with colleagues and provide recommendations
  • Share and discuss news in their industry
  • Connect with industry influencers

People who use this site aren’t necessarily doing so for enjoyment; it’s a professional site, like a professional networking event, and it needs to be treated as such. People won’t be interested in emotional appeal products; they’re interested in software for their business and education to advance their careers and phone answering services instead.

LinkedIn Advertising

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