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PPC Services

We won’t lie, it is easy to start an account on google AdWords and get an advert online. It is, however, hard to create an ad campaign that targets the correct people and keeps your CPC (cost per click) to as low as it can be. It isn’t as simple as choosing a bunch of keywords and throwing your advert at a rough estimate of your target audience. Let us break down a couple of factors down for you.

You may have a rough idea of what keywords you want to target but did you know that whatever keyword you choose will have a stack of connotations with key phrases that do not relate to your business.

For example: If your target keyword is “wedding” because you run a wedding catering company, you don’t want your advert to appear for search phrases such as “where shall I have my wedding?”

This is because the target audience isn’t that person looking for a location, its the person looking for catering at their wedding. These are what we call negative key phrases and these are important, it means that, when targeting broader keywords, you will not be throwing money at those types of clicks and getting low conversion rates because your product isn’t relevant.

Quality score

Another important factor to a well set-up Google AdWords’s campaign is quality score. This is definitely one of the bigger factors that, unless you are in the business, you will overlook. It is basically an algorithm that Google uses to take into account not only your advert but the webpage that the advert is pointing to.

We love this aspect of Google AdWords because it means that greyzip can use its search engine optimisation understanding to not only increase the user experience on your website but make sure that the symbiosis between the Google advert and the dedicated page is perfect.

It is simple. We get you a 10/10 quality score for each ad, you get cheaper costing clicks. You won’t have to rely on budget alone to win that top spot on the users page. We cannot get across enough how important this factor can be for your businesses budget.

These are only a couple of examples out of a lot of different factors that will affect your Google Adwords campaign.

PPC Management

Our PPC management services are tailored to your business brand and place in the market to deliver fantastic results time and time again. Our offerings include finding the best types of PPC for your business, writing engaging ad copy and designing visuals to generate clicks, efficient bidding to make your budget work harder and target clicks to a range of pages and products

The types of PPC ads that greyzip work with are Google Paid Search advertising, Google Display advertising, Google Remarketing advertising and Google Shopping. There are plenty of other PPC services available that we could utilise in your strategy.

We run small, starter campaigns all the way up to multinational ad campaigns.

How Much Should I Spend On PPC Each Month?2021-03-12T18:19:51+00:00

We recommend a minimum monthly budget of £500-£1000 this is so that in the first month we can collect lots of data on what keywords and ads are performing the best for your business. After we have collected this data from Google we can review your budget and discuss with you what monthly budget would be best.

Please be aware that some industries are a lot more competitive than others leading to higher average costs per click. Speak to our team today for more information on the best PPC budget for your business.

How Long Does PPC take to start working?2021-03-12T18:19:57+00:00

A big benefit of PPC is that it provides almost instant feedback once your campaigns have been set up and approved by Google. Once your campaigns are up and running they will immediately start driving traffic to your website.

Is PPC Expensive?2021-03-12T18:20:29+00:00

PPC or pay-per-click doesn’t have to be expensive if your campaigns are set up and optimised correctly. We have years of experience of PPC and our experts will ensure you target the right keywords and that performance is closely monitored.

We regularly review campaigns so if a keyword or search term is becoming too competitive we can make changes.

Some Of The Amazing Brands We Work With

When we see potential, we become invested, and nothing beats seeing our clients sitting at the top of search engines due to our Digital Marketing prowess.

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A comprehensive Digital Marketing strategy requires exploring avenues other than just SEO. It’s our role to improve your online presence and we highlight any opportunity that fits within your budget.

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