Just a quick though…
So… What is the actual point of having an amazing website developed for you? It all depends if you have got good SEO to accompany that site. I will try to explain it like this. You have a lovely new house built in the middle of nowhere, and there are no directions anywhere on how to reach it. Nobody knows the address of your house, and you’ve now discovered that no roads actually lead to you. Thats what SEO can do for you!
SEO – Search Engine Optimisation
SEO is the foundation that your website (house as above) should be built on. Too many times recently have we seen nice looking websites not ranking on search engines because no attention has been paid to SEO.
Companies will state that they implement SEO and when we audit the sites, some score less than 5%. Its really frustrating for us because we strive to not only fix your SEO, but get you competing for the top pages in search engines, and with time, the top spots. I’ve said SEO too many times now, and I haven’t really gone into any depth what it is or what’s involved, but we will cover that in a future blog. I must summarise… Its your best form of advertising and should form the largest part of your online marketing strategy.