"We can get you to the top spot"

Basically all SEO companies motto, which is fine.

Keeping you there is generally a side issue, but not for us at greyzip.

We use our own website to try new ideas, see how different things work and incorporate analytical data into real world practice. This is great for our customers because it means we can implement all of our successful findings onto their sites and keep them at that number one spot. You can see that as we mess around with our layout, keywords, content and general structure of the page our site moves around in its ranking. We don’t mind this because it gives us insight into the current trend changes and enables us to adapt to the changes and make use of the data.

Part of the fun with SEO is the battle between that top spot. I won't name names but there is a company we are consistently tussling with for the top spot on specific searches. It’s a good feeling when you notice they have popped ahead of you and you get in there and have a tinker and sit back and watch the results, it’s a lot of fun for us. Ultimately, the fun we have in our, hopefully friendly, competition translates directly as results for the companies we work with.

It's an absolute pleasure to be able to fire off a quick message to your clients saying “have you checked the search term (insert search term here) lately?”

And then sitting back and awaiting the excited reply as they realise they are climbing the ranks.

Once we have you there we take note of the other companies who we start rotating with, this generally indicates that the opposing company on the search engine has their own SEO team on board, this is where the fun begins. The satisfaction of coming out on top is very fulfilling our end and, obviously, very beneficial for our clients business.

To reiterate, the care you get from greyzip does not stop once we get your site ranking. With our rolling contract the option to leave is there if you ever wanted to but with our service running in the background you will never have to worry about your webpage rankings again, that's our job, and we love doing it!!

As always, if you want some information on what we can do for you or you just want a Free, personalised SEO audit for your website then don’t hesitate to get in touch.