Understanding your brand

Understanding your brand and your website is a crucial part of developing an SEO strategy. Before anyone can look into the tactics that need to be implemented to meet your search engine ranking goals, they will need to understand everything about what you’re trying to achieve, your current marketing position, and your potential clients. Here, you will find all the steps that should be gone through to get an understanding of your brand.

Keywords and phrases are at the heart of SEO

Ensuring that your site’s pages include the correct keywords and phrases within their content will greatly influence how well they perform in organic search results and how much relevant traffic will flow through your site. With this in mind, keyword research is one of the most crucial parts of your SEO process. If it’s done right, then you’ll be able to spot some of your biggest opportunities and routes to success; get it wrong and your campaign could be heading in the wrong direction from the very start!

Identifying the right keywords and phrases

It’s all about painting a clear picture for our clients. Your keyword strategy should involve an in depth exploration of your sector and should investigate:

  1. Short-tail search queries
  2. Mid and long-tail keywords
  3. Associated search demand
  4. Competition levels
  5. Relevancy

By analysing the landscape and measuring your competition, greyZIP are able to understand your market from a digital perspective, benchmark you against your peers and provide you with a clear view of obstacles and opportunities. Having this knowledge allows us to work with you in building the right SEO strategy for your business in order to succeed in today’s competitive search ecosystem. We use the right blend of knowledge, tools and techniques to gather and interpret the most valuable data and insights about your peers. This doesn’t just relate to their primary websites, but extends to analysis of their social profiles, video channels, content strategies and partnerships too.

How do competitors structure their on site content, and is this proving beneficial to their SEO efforts?

We look at how much content they publish and how does this benchmark against the depth of content on our client’s website?

How are their content keywords relevant?

How successfully are they targeting the different stages of the sales process?

Are they publishing fresh content on a regular basis?

What is their top-performing content?

Gathering this information forms a very necessary part of the SEO process and gives us the tools we need to compile a successful strategy for your company.

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