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Pages with a significant number of backlinks often rank the highest on search engines

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HD videos are now considered essential. Seventy percent of top videos are in HD, and this figure is rapidly increasing.


Seventy-five percent of mobile local searches are visited within a business day.


In a Google SERP, a typical voice search result is likely to be in the top three for that search.

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How Does Backlink Building Work?

The first step of any backlink building campaign for greyzip is to 100% understand your and your goals. There are a number of link building techniques that we use but it is about finding the right one for your business. We have a database of trusted affiliate websites in every industry imaginable with varying domain authority to suit your link building needs. It has taken us years to build this database and partner network and so by engaging with greyzip you will have full access to these affiliate websites to build out your backlink profile with.

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Improve Rankings In Google

With over 65,000 searches every second, 75% of these users never scroll past the first page, SEO is undoubtedly king when it comes to competing cost-effectively. Sadly, however, on-page optimisation simply isn’t enough to rank in today’s increasingly competitive markets. With a large part of Google Search Algorithms and ranking factors now being based on trust, so it is absolutely critical to ensure your off-page strategy is on-point.

Increase Organic Traffic

A good backlink building strategy means well-formulated and vetted backlinks to industry or target market-specific websites which will not only have the primary goal of improving search engine rankings but due to their targeted nature, will also and more often than not, dramatically improve referral traffic levels.

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