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PR is a great way to increase your business’s profile, whether you choose to utilise print, digital or broadcast media or a combination of the three we can help. We build relationships with journalists and tailor each campaign to specific publications to maximise your business's coverage.

Our team has experience across a range of sectors in both B2B and B2C media. Media coverage is a fantastic way to reach your audience and beyond. Whether you are keen to gain editorial coverage or would like to advertise in key publications, the greyzip team can help!

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Integrated Communications Strategy

Integrating your social media and PR strategy is the best way to achieve great results. We specialise in media relations and influencer marketing. We create targeted PR campaigns and engaging copy to help achieve your business goals. You can leave the PR to us!

Here at greyzip we offer a range of PR services to help business's thrive including media relations, local PR, influencer marketing and more.

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Local PR

Whether you are a small business looking to get your name out or a larger business targeting new locations, local PR can be a great tool for your business. Targeting local publications and media can lead to increased awareness and leads. We can create both editorial and advertorial content to suit your business’s needs. To complete your local digital marketing strategy, we recommend combining local PR with local SEO. This targeted approach will help increase your business’s online presence. Take a look at our local SEO page to find out more.

Local comms services

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We offer a range of services that go hand in hand with media relations:

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Press Releases

Our team of talented copywriters have experience of writing press releases for a wide variety of businesses in a range of industries. Our team will work with you to develop key messages and create an engaging press release that has journalists queueing up to feature your business. We will always tailor tone of voice to industry and publication type to ensure content is bespoke. Furthermore, we offer a range of content creation services for social media, SEO and PR so our team can write content to suit all of your copywriting needs. As we offer all content creation services in house, we can always ensure content is aligned.

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Media Relations FAQs

If you've got questions about our media relations services, check out our FAQs:

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Media relations looks to manage a company’s interactions with journalists and media outlets to secure positive media coverage.

Media relations can help your business enhance brand visibility, credibility, and reputation. Positive media coverage can also attract potential customers, investors and business partners.

Building and maintaining strong media relationships require consistent effort and authenticity. It’s important to understand the interests and beats of journalists and media outlets before reaching out to them, as well as tailoring your pitches and communications to fit each of their preferences and needs. Additionally, you must offer relevant and worthy content that aligns with the media outlet’s audience and keep a responsive attitude throughout. By responding to media inquiries and information requests, you can also strengthen your media relationships. Last but not least, don’t forget to leverage your networking skills!

Handling media crises or negative press requires a careful approach. Although it’s important to address the issue promptly and transparently, make sure you designate specific individuals to speak to the media so you can ensure consistency in your message. Only share verified information and avoid speculations. If appropriate, offer a sincere apology outlining the steps to rectify the situation. Use such crises as an opportunity to learn and improve to prevent future issues.

Media pitches are valuable to seek media coverage, as they allow targeting specific journalists or outlets. They highlight the value of the story or topic, which makes it more appealing to journalists. They can ultimately help build relationships and give businesses the opportunity to present their stories in the way they want them to be perceived by the public.

You can measure the effectiveness of your media relations strategy by tracking metrics like media mentions, reach and impressions, message consistency, media share of voice and sentiment analysis. Regularly evaluating these metrics will help your business gauge the impact of your media relations strategies and make data-driven improvements.

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