It's pointless to have the most visually appealing website or intriguing content in the world if no one sees it.

Search engines like Google and Bing are one of the most effective ways to increase visitors to your website. Search engine optimisation, or SEO, is based on the tactics you can use to increase your ranks on these search engines — where you appear on the page. This can boost the number of visitors to your site and, as a result, sales or engagement.

There are several things you can do to boost your SEO, but one of the most crucial is keyword research. We can help you enhance your page ranks and take care of the essentials, such as SEO keyword research if you're looking for SEO services.

What is the Purpose of Keyword Research?

Simply put, keywords are the words and phrases that characterise the topic of your work. They are the search queries that individuals type into the search engine's bar when they wish to find something. In an ideal world, your website or other online presence would include keywords that are relevant to the content.

When people search for those terms, you have a decent chance of appearing high in the results. Our website redesign services can incorporate important keywords into the architecture and content of your website to assist and drive visitors your way, but you can also do your own keyword research using analytical tools.

What is the Significance of Keyword Research in SEO?

Since the dawn of digital marketing, keywords and SEO have been inextricably linked. Organic keywords were once more easily accessible through tools like Google Analytics, making the relationship simpler than it is now.

True, Google's and other search engine algorithms have become more sophisticated, and Google has silently withdrawn keyword data from the public domain during the last decade or so.

While there are other search engines, Google remains the most prominent and dominating search engine in the world, with an estimated market share of 86.64 per cent as of September 2021.

This also means it's the most crucial in terms of SEO, and just because keywords aren't as visible as they once were doesn't mean they don't matter.

Although we may not have access to Google's keyword algorithms, a digital marketing agency may nevertheless see the influence of excellent SEO strategies, such as using the right keywords. It was essentially a case of attempting to figure out the exact search terms people were type into their search bar in the early days of SEO and keyword research.

If people were looking for a new collar for their beloved pet, they might simply write 'new cat collar Birmingham,' rather than 'Where can I find a new collar for my cat in the local area?' This did not follow the usual patterns of speaking or writing, so if they were looking for a new collar for their beloved pet, they might simply write 'new dog collar Birmingham Colchester,' rather than 'Where can I find a new collar for my whippet in the local area?'

Queries have gotten more conversational as search engines have improved and we've introduced voice search into the mix. Google has gotten more sophisticated and better at inferring the meaning behind the search phrases people are actually using thanks to a series of improvements that include the likes of RankBrain and BERT.

This means you can use any combination of words in your query and your search engine will still return relevant results. In the end, whether you're looking for a new dog collar in Colchester, those exact phrases that summarise the search's goal are still important.

Keyword Competitiveness

Although Google does not disclose information on its search volume, it is estimated that it processes 63,000 searches each second. That equates to 5.6 billion daily searches and approximately 2 trillion each year. 2 There are a lot of websites, pages, and pieces of information competing for that traffic.

Google returns almost 6.5 million results when you type in 'cat dog collar Colchester.' There are some things you can do to boost your overall SEO if you want to rank highly for such a competitive keyword, and our SEO services can assist.

However, the more competitive a word is, the more difficult it is to rank well for it. Other, more precise, and less competitive keywords will require optimisation as well. Long-tail keywords are longer, more specialised keyword phrases that visitors are more likely to utilise as they get closer to a purchasing point.

Having a list of keywords that are all relevant to your business or area of operation might assist in driving quality traffic to your content. Competitor keyword research is also beneficial because knowing what keywords your competitors use and how successful they are is usually a good idea.

Keyword Targeting on Individual Pages

As a general guideline, your pages should be focused on a single topic, and your keyword research should be focused on related keywords. If the material is too broad and focuses on a variety of keywords, it may not rank well for any of them. Our marketing agency greyzip can help you get it done properly.

If you need expert keyword research or help with any other part of SEO, we can introduce best practices directly into your website or content. For more information on how greyzip can assist you today, please get in touch